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Fused lump of military coins.
The U.S. military has a long tradition of creating coins to give out for exemplary service or to give away to visiting dignitaries. This mass of recognition coins was fused together by the intense heat of the fire.

Location: Pentagon
Source: Transfer from the U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Personal Effects Depot, Fort Myer

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Fire-damaged presentation coins and medallion
Description: This fused clump of presentation coins and a fire-scarred medallion were recovered from the damaged offices of the Pentagon.

Context: The U.S. military has a long tradition of presenting commissioned coins and medallions to visiting dignitaries, to those who have provided special support, and to recognize exemplary service.

When terrorists hijacked an airplane and crashed it into the Pentagon, the jet fuel ignited a huge fire. The heat from the blaze was so intense that it even melted these metal coins.

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Fire-scarred medallion


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