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Foam Truck 161 burning. Photo by Jon Culberson.
Firemen from the Fort Myer fire station extinguish the burning Foam Truck 161.

Location: Pentagon
Source: Gift of Jon Culberson

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Pentagon first response photographs
Description: These photographs, taken by firefighter Jon Culberson, are some of the first images of the Pentagon shortly after the terrorist attack.

Context: When terrorists crashed a passenger jet into the Pentagon, the impact ignited a massive fire. Following standard protocol, the firefighters at the Pentagon helipad firehouse immediately called for backup from the nearby Fort Myer fire station. Jon Culberson, a firefighter on the first truck to arrive on the scene, was carrying a pocket camera and took these amazing images just minutes after the crash.

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Pentagon following collapse of the E ring.
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Damaged Foam Truck 161 on the Pentagon helipad.
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Smoke from the fires was visible from the roof of the Pentagon.
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With reports of another airplane headed toward Washingon, fire and rescue workers were directed to temporarily move away from the Pentagon.


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