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Location: World Trade Center
Source: Gift of Roe Bianculli-Taylor

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Cell phone used by New York commuter
Description: Roe Bianculli-Taylor used this cell phone to learn about the September 11 attacks as she commuted to work on the Long Island Railroad.

Context: The use of cell phones has reduced peopleís isolation while traveling. New York City commuter Roe Bianculli-Taylor first learned of the attack on the World Trade Center when a fellow passenger on her train began sobbing in the middle of a cell phone call. The woman worked in the World Trade Center and had just learned that it had been hit by an airplane. Quickly everyone in the car who had a cell phone began contacting others to try to learn what was going on. These phone calls, plus a single portable radio, were their only connection to the outside world. As they approached Manhattan, the passengers could see the towers burning through the train window.

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Roe Bianculli-Taylorís internet article
It was a typical morning. Chugged coffee. Traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Racing for my train, and missing it. Catching a nap on the next train to New York City. Suddenly, a passenger began to sob, and everything changed forever. She'd gotten [...]


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