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Merrill Lynch & Co.. Photo by Christophe Agou.
This Merrill Lynch reception area, located on the lobby level (one story above ground) in the 2 World Financial Center (225 Liberty Street), was covered in dust when the World Trade Center towers collapsed.

Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2002.0363
Source: Christophe Agou

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Photographs of World Trade Center site
Description: This collection of ten color photographs taken by Christophe Agou documents the World Trade Center site directly after the collapse.

Context: On the morning of September 11, while many New Yorkers sat transfixed by news reports of two planes slamming into the World Trade Center, others rushed to the scene. As the buildings burned and then collapsed, numerous people, including fine art photographer Christophe Agou, recorded the events.

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In the first hours after the collapse, rescue workers formed long "bucket brigades" as they attempted to remove debris by hand.
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Rescue personnel
The area around the World Trade Center was covered with a thick carpet of dust and debris after the Twin Towers collapsed.
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Reade and Hudson Streets
With smoke billowing up from the World Trade Center in the background, a man stands in the street at the corner of Reade and Hudson.
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Ground zero
Amid the debris of the World Trade Center a damaged fire truck is barely visible.
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Statement by Christophe Agou
“Seeing is not believing…” Around 8:30 am, September 11 2001, I turned on the television set to check on the weather. All networks were reporting that an American Airline’s plane – Flight 11 – had crashed into One World Trade Center, the north tower. [...]


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