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Missing: Michael Elferis, 2001. Photo by Donald Lokuta.

Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2002.0356
Source: Donald Lokuta

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Photographs of the search for missing people
Description: This collection of five color photographs taken by Donald Lokuta documents New Yorkers searching for victims lost in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Context: Following September 11, artists, like many other Americans, sought ways to help. Fine art photographer Donald Lokuta wanted to photograph New York City, but not the debris pile of the World Trade Center. Three days after the terrorist attacks, Lokuta went to the National Guard Armory on Lexington Avenue, where he photographed family members who had come to fill out reports and give information in search of their loved ones. He also photographed the "missing" flyers posted throughout the city.

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Why? 2001
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Firehouse, West 31st Street, 2001
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Missing: Fabian Soto, 2001
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Please find my daddy, 2001
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Statement by Donald Lokuta
Artistís Statement September 11th Photographs After hearing about the event of September 11th and watching the drama unfold on television, I was numb for two days. I couldnít believe what was happening. I wished I was a construction worker or a [...]


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