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Pentagon rescuer's uniform
Description: This material from Capt. David Thomas, Pentagon survivor and rescuer, includes his uniform trousers, shirt, undershirt, and two quarters.

Context: September 11 was filled with acts of heroism. Navy Capt. David Thomas, executive assistant for the Navyís Quadrennial Defense Review, was on his way to have a cup of coffee with his friend Capt. Robert E. Dolan when the Pentagon was hit. He rushed to the scene to search for Dolan but could not find him. With Navy physician Lt. Comdr. David Tarantino, Thomas rescued Jerry Henson, a retired naval aviator, who worked in the Navy Command Center. Thomasís clothes were burned and torn during the rescue. Dolan died in the attack.

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Rescuers braved dense smoke and intense flames to help survivors out of the Pentagon.
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An unidentified office at the Pentagon that suffered severe fire damage.
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Lt. Comdr. David Tarantino, Jerry Henson, and Capt. David Thomas
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Statement from David Thomas at Smithsonian press conference, May 2002
You fight for the people you work with. And that was the most amazing thing, to see everybody rushing down to the area to look for possible survivorsÖ I didnít rip this [nametag] off so I would always remember him [Tarantino], although that was a happy [...]
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Eulogy for Capt. Robert E. Dolan
Eulogy given by Mark Wallinger for his best friend, Capt. Robert E. Dolan, who died in the Pentagon crash. Capt. Dolanís funeral was held on October 13, 2001, at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. I canít help looking over this sea of sad [...]
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Navy Command Center survivor's story
September 11th Reflections: My Ring Story By Lieutenant Kevin Shaeffer í94, U.S. Navy (Retired) September 11, 2001óA beautiful morning to be sure. At least thatís how it started out. It was close to 6:30 a.m. and I was riding in to the Pentagon [...]
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"What began as just a small name tag led us to this incredible rescue story..."
William Yeingst
September 11 Collecting Curator. Museum Specialist, Division of Social History


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