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Flight crew log.

Location: Shanksville, PA
Object #: 2003.0051
Source: Erich Bay

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Flight 93 crew material
Description: This collection of flight attendant Lorraine Bay's artifacts recovered from the wreckage of United Airlines Flight 93 includes a personal logbook and an in-flight procedures manual.

Context: The crew of Flight 93 gathered on the morning of September 11, an hour before the scheduled departure, for a routine meeting to discuss the flight. In addition to reviewing the flight plan and the passenger manifest, the flight attendants decided which section of the plane they would service during the flight. Lorraine Bay, a veteran flight attendant with 37 years of experience, would be working in first class. Bay was among the seven crew members and 33 passengers killed when Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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Page from flight crew log
Lorraine Bay recorded each flight she flew and emergency contact information in her logbook.
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Lorraine Bay
With 37 years of flying, Lorraine Bay was one of United's most experienced flight attendants.
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In-flight manual
Flight attendants are highly trained personnel. The In-flight manual serves as their bible, giving official instructions on how to handle any situation. Each flight attendant is required by the airline to carry a manual when onboard a flight.
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Page from in-flight manual
Lorraine Bay annotated her manual with personal notes to clarify her action in the event of an emergency.


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