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Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2004.0268
Source: Raj B. and Rambascia Thackurdeen in memory of their sister and daughter Goumatie Thackurdeen

Personal Beeper
Description: This beeper belonged to Goumatie Thackurdeen, an employee at Fiduciary Trust Corp, which was housed in the 97th floor of the South tower. The beeper was recovered from the debris of the World Trade Center.

Context: When the first plane crashed into the North Tower, people in the South Tower could see falling debris and feel the heat of the explosion. Employees of Fiduciary Trust assessed the situation and began evacuating. Before leaving, Goumatie called her mother to say she was exiting the office.

People began streaming into the stairwell. Shortly thereafter, a plane crashed into the South Tower, impacting the 78th-84th floors. According to newspaper reports, 99 percent of the people below the points of impact survived. Yet for those above the impact zones or trapped in elevators, there was no escape. Goumatie was one of 87 Fiduciary Trust employees killed in the attacks.

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Goumatie Thackurdeen
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Vacation in Finland
Goumatie was an avid traveler, and just weeks before her death visited Finland.
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San Francisco
Goumatie standing in front of Lombard St. in San Francisco, CA.
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Missing Poster
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Memorial Poster
Memorial photos placed around the fence of the World Trade Center site.


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