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Rear view of bunker gear.
Rear view of Pentagon firefighter Mark Skipper’s protective bunker gear

Location: Pentagon
Source: Transfer from the U.S. Department of Defense, Fort Myer Fire and Emergency Services Division

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Pentagon firefighter’s gear
Description: Pentagon firefighter Mark Skipper wore this bunker gear (firefighting jacket and pants) and casual shirt and pants on September 11.

Context: On the morning of September 11, Mark Skipper and fellow firefighter Alan Wallace pulled Foam Truck 161 out of the Pentagon firehouse and parked it on the Pentagon helipad in preparation for President Bush’s planned arrival later in the day. The crash of the airliner into the Pentagon destroyed the back of the truck and threw Skipper and Wallace to the ground. After calling for help and extinguishing the burning truck, the firefighters turned their attention to the heavily damaged Pentagon.

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Casual shirt
Mark Skipper was wearing this casual shirt when the Pentagon was attacked.
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Front view of bunker gear
Firefighting jacket and pants worn by Mark Skipper while battling the fires at the Pentagon.
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Foam Truck 161 on fire
Pentagon firefighters battle a fire on Foam Truck 161 caused by the crash of the airplane.
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Pentagon helipad
Still parked next to the helipad, the heavily damaged Foam Truck 161 sits abandoned while firefighters attend to fires in the Pentagon.
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"...The whole back of the fire truck had melted."
William Yeingst
September 11 Collecting Curator. Museum Specialist, Division of Social History


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