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Personal Beeper. Negative #: 2006-12357
This personal beeper was recovered with John Briley’s remains.

Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2004.0203
Source: Gwedolyn Breilly-Strand

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Personal Beeper
Description: A personal beeper that belonged to Jonathan Eric Briley, who worked at Windows on the World restaurant.

Context: Jonathan Eric Briley worked as an audiovisual technician at Windows on the World, a restaurant located on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower. Every morning he would watch the sun rise over New York City from atop the tower. On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew a hijacked planed into the North Towers of the World Trade Center, impacting floors 94-98. His personal beeper, ID card, and ring of keys were recovered with his remains.

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Wedding Photo
Picture from John Eric Briley’s wedding to Hillary, in 1994.
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Missing Poster
According to newspaper reports, 99 percent of the people below the points of impact survived. Yet for those above the impact zones or trapped in elevators, there was no escape.
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Keys & ID Card
John’s ID card and ring of keys were recovered with his remains.


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