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Collapsed section of Pentagon, still burning. Photo by Michael Garcia.

Pentagon photographs
Description: This collection of approximately 1,600 images taken by Michael Garcia, Ssgt. Brian Boisvert, and Cpl. Jason Ingersoll show the Pentagon immediately after the September 11 attack and during the following week.

Context: As a member of the Pentagonís Defense Protective Service, Michael Garcia, along with Ssgt. Brian Boisvert, a U.S. Air Force photographer, and Marine Corps photographer Cpl. Jason Ingersoll had broad access to secure areas. Their images show firefighters battling the flames, destroyed offices, the cleanup, and aerial shots of the Pentagon.

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Rescue workers at the Pentagon
Civilian and military personnel rush to help evacuate the burning Pentagon.
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U.S. Park Police helicopter
The U.S. Park Police provided rapid helicopter assistance to the rescue efforts at the Pentagon. This helicopter was reconfigured in eight minutes and arrived three minutes later to transport burn victims to area hospitals.
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Search for evidence
Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Arlington County and Virginia State Police search for evidence and personal effects outside the Pentagon.
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Within one month of the attack the damaged section of the Pentagon was removed to prepare for rebuilding.
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Photograph of Michael Garcia
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Statement from Michael Garcia
September 11, 2001 It was a beautiful day, I was waiting at my house for the carpet cleaner when the phone rang, it was my friend Josh Goldmark a police dispatcher for the Irvine PD in California. Mike have you seen the news? A plane crashed into [...]
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"...his I.D. got him very close to the building right after the crash..."
Michelle Delaney
Collections Manager, Photographic History Collection


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