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Presentation plaque.
Maj. Gen. Wood received this plaque from an artillery batallion he commanded.

Presented to Col John R. Wood
Dec 94-Sep 96
In appreciation for your leadership and guidence
from the NCOs of 3d I.D. Artillary
(Marne Thunder)


Location: Pentagon
Source: Gift of Major General John R. Wood

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Plaque and flags from Major General's office
Description: This framed presentation plaque and two pole-mounted flags were recovered from the Pentagon office of Maj. Gen. John Wood.

Context: Maj. Gen. John Wood survived the terrorist attack on the Pentagon with the help of fellow workers. His office was on the third floor of the outermost E ring, directly above the path of the airplane as it slid through the first and second floors of E, D, and C rings. While the third floor did not immediately collapse, the damaged floor sagged, causing his office door to jam. Brig. Gen. Karl Eikenberry and administrative assistant Linda Moore broke the door down and helped Maj. Gen. Wood to safety. About 35 minutes after the crash, the third, fourth, and fifth floors of the damaged section collapsed. Half of Maj. Gen. Wood’s office, including his desk, fell; the other half with the flags and plaque remained intact.

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Maj. Gen. Wood displayed the American flag and the U. S. Army flag in his office.
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Maj. Gen. Wood’s office
The impact of the plane sheared off a section of the Pentagon, leaving nearby offices damaged but intact. A wooden dictionary stand just below the center of this image marks the outer office of Maj. Gen. Wood’s suite.
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Awarding the Meritorious Service Medal
In this photo, taken May 16, 2001 just four months before the terrorist attack, the Armored presentation plaque is visible on the wall in Maj. Gen. Wood’s office as he awards the Defense Meritorious Service Medal to LTC Sylvia Moran.


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