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Purse and its contents. Negative #: 2006-12491

Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2004.0267
Source: Gift of Jonny Y. Lee, husband and Joan A. Greene, mother in loving memory of Lorraine Lee.

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Purse and Wallet
Description: This purse belonged to Lorraine Lee, who worked as an administrative assistant at Aon Risk Services, located on the 101st floor of the South Tower. The purse and its contents, including keys and 29 cards, were recovered from the debris of the World Trade Center.

Context: After the first plane crashed into the North Tower, Lorraine Lee spoke with her sister, Patricia, and confirmed she was safe. Lorraine served as fire marshal for the 101st floor, and in times of emergency she was responsible for directing people towards the stairwell and making sure nobody was left behind. Shortly thereafter, a plane crashed into the South Tower, impacting the 78th-84th floors. According to newspaper reports, 99 percent of the people below the points of impact survived. Yet for those above the impact zones or trapped in elevators, there was no escape.

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Wedding Photo
In 1986, Lorraine was married to Johnny Lee.
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Lorraine Lee
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Honorary Street Naming
In 2002, Staten Island renamed the section of Richmond Avenue where Lorraine had lived in her memory.
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Lorraine Lee Way
Staten Island, NY


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