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Negative #: 2002-5969.5

Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2002.0238
Source: Gift of Police Department - City of New York

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NYPD patrol car door
Description: This door panel was removed from a New York Police Department patrol car crushed by the falling debris of the World Trade Center.

Context: New York City police officers immediately responded to the attack on the World Trade Center. With the collapse of the buildings, the NYPD lost both officers and vehicles. This door panel was removed from a crushed patrol car. Many fire trucks, squad cars, taxis, delivery vehicles, and private automobiles were destroyed as the World Trade Center collapsed. Twenty-three NYPD officers were killed in their attempts to save World Trade Center tenants.

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September 11 vehicle graveyard
Curators encountered this New York City Police Department police car in the September 11 vehicle graveyard at the Staten Island recovery site, and removed its door panel for the collection.
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Poster of fallen police officers
This poster commemorates the twenty-three NYPD officers who were killed on September 11.
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Police officer's helmet
This singed helmet has a little blue paint remaining and a partial label reads “DOT [Department of Transportation] approved.” Fire damage has made the helmet difficult to identify which NYPD division used this helmet.


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