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Location: World Trade Center
Source: Gift of Hilary North, in Memory of Mayra Valdes-Rodriguez

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Fire warden's flashlight
Description: This flashlight (marked “W. T. C. FIRE SAFETY”) was issued to Hilary North, a fire warden for Aon Risk Services, Inc.

Context: While about 2,200 office workers died in the World Trade Center attack, many thousands more were able to escape through the elevators and stairs. Following the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the Port Authority made building improvements and increased fire and emergency training for the building occupants. Tenants selected fire wardens for every floor, and each warden was issued a whistle, a hat, and a flashlight. Luckily Hilary North was not yet in her 103rd-floor office when the September 11 attack occurred, because she had stopped to vote in the New York City primary election. Many of her Aon co-workers were able to evacuate, but 175 employees died in the south tower collapse.

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Hilary T. North’s World Trade Center ID card and case
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Statement from Hilary North
I’m Lisa Lefler’s friend that has the WTC flashlight. I was part of Aon’s fire safety team on the 103rd floor for about six months. My responsibility was to search the Ladies’ Rooms and Conference Rooms in the event of a fire and/or fire drill. Each [...]
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Fire Safety Guide
The Port Authority developed this emergency procedures manual and provided it to World Trade Center floor wardens.
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"...the broader question of terrorism at the World Trade Center."
David Shayt
September 11 Collecting Curator. Museum Specialist, Division of Cultural History


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