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Pentagon office equipment and personal possessions
Description: This collection of equipment and personal possessions recovered from the wreckage of the Pentagon includes a damaged laptop computer, singed postage stamps, a Bible, a desk ornament, and a calculator.

Context: The Pentagon houses over 23,000 civilian and military employees, and is the headquarters for the U.S. Department of Defense. In the Pentagon attack, 125 employees were killed and some 140 more were injured.

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Pocket New Testament
This Gideon New Testament was recovered from the wreckage of the Pentagon offices.
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Baseball desk ornament
This commercially produced desk ornament of a baseball mounted on an engraved base was recovered from the damaged offices of the Pentagon. Reflecting a popular American attitude, the desk ornament is inscribed: “Sometimes you just have to play hardball.” [...]
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Damaged office
An unidentified office at the Pentagon that suffered severe fire damage.
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Singed postage stamps
These singed U.S. postage stamps were recovered from a damaged office at the Pentagon.
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Pocket calculator
This calculator was recovered from the damaged portion of the Pentagon.
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Poster commemorating Pentagon attack victims
This poster contains images of Pentagon employees and innocent victims on the airplane that were killed in the attack on the Pentagon.


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