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Negative #: 2002.0019

Location: World Trade Center
Object #: 2002.0019
Source: Gift of Trooper Richard M. Scranton

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K-9 search equipment
Description: New York State Trooper Rick Scranton and his search dog Theo used this equipment to find victims of the World Trade Center collapse.

Context: Canine workers were vital to recovery efforts both in New York and at the Pentagon. At the World Trade Center, some 350 canine rescue teams from across the country worked around the clock, searching for survivors and victims amid the rubble. They included Trooper Rick Scranton and his partner, a German shepherd named Theo, from the New York State Police K-9 Unit. Specially trained dogs like Theo were able to pinpoint areas for iron workers to remove the heavy steel columns and concrete slabs.

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Rescue helmet and searchlight.
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Bag with synthetic cadaver scent.
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K-9 rescue worker
A K-9 rescue worker and his dog take a break amid the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center.
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Dog trading card featuring Theo. Transcript: NEW YORK STATE POLICE NEW YORK STATE POLICE K-9 UNIT K-9 "THEO"
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Access pass
Access pass used by New York State Trooper Rick Scranton to work at the World Trade Center site. Transcript: MAYOR'S OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT WORLD TRADE CENTER EMERGENCY CITY OF NEW YORK APPROVED PUBLIC SAFETY #2476
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New York State Trooper Rick Scranton and Theo
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Rick Scranton and Theo
New York State Trooper Rick Scranton posed with Theo in upstate New York, December 2001.
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"...I called the unit, and the man who answered became our donor..."
David Shayt
September 11 Collecting Curator. Museum Specialist, Division of Cultural History


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