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Location: World Trade Center
Source: Gift of Night Sky Windows LLC

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Windows on the World uniform
Description: This uniform (skirt, jacket, and lapel pin) was worn by Beatriz Susana Genoves, a greeter for the Windows on the World restaurant on September 11.

Context: The express elevator that directly served the Windows on the World restaurant was out of order on September 11. Patrons had to take a different express elevator to the 78th floor sky lobby and transfer to a local elevator to reach the 107th floor restaurant or the 106th floor conference facility. Beatriz Susana Genoves, a greeter for the Windows on the World restaurant, was assigned to the 78th floor sky lobby to meet people coming up from the lobby and lead them to the second elevator to reach a conference being held on the 106th floor. After the crash, she escaped by walking down 78 flights of stairs. As she descended, she could hear on her walkie-talkie cries for help from her fellow employees trapped upstairs.

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Jacket detail
A close view of Beatriz Susana Genoves's jacket shows the label and distinctive Windows on the World pin.
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Windows on the World restaurant hostess Beatriz Susana Genoves
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Statement from Beatriz Susana Genoves
I worked for Windows on the World as a Greeter. On September 11, I was stationed on the 78th floor. An elevator would bring guests from the lobby, and I would meet them and lead them to another elevator to the 106th floor. I had been working since [...]
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Restaurant brochure
Windows on the World was one of New York's most famous restaurants.
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"...she was there directing people to the restaurant when the plane hit..."
David Shayt
September 11 Collecting Curator. Museum Specialist, Division of Cultural History


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