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Location: World Trade Center
Source: Gift of Terrence C. McCormick

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Wallet recovered from World Trade Center
Description: This wallet complete with its contents was found in the debris pile of the World Trade Center.

Context: When terrorists crashed an airliner into the World Trade Center, many people evacuated quickly. In his haste to leave his 32nd-floor office in the north tower, Terrence McCormick, Branch Marketing Director for Kemper Insurance, left behind his suit jacket with his wallet. After a harrowing descent down the stairs and getting covered by dust from the collapse of the south tower, McCormick walked seven miles through Brooklyn to a point where he could catch a bus home. Some days later, the police discovered his wallet in the debris and returned it to Mr. McCormick.

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Statement from Terrence McCormick
I have been employed by Kemper Insurance Companies since November 27, 1977 and had worked in the World Trade Center since February of 1978 with the exception of 9 months when I worked in our New Jersey offices. My father was the Deputy Chief of the [...]


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