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Object #: 2002.0039

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Patriotic tie tack
Description: This heart-shaped tie tack, designed by Judith Jack and sold through the Nordstrom department store chain, is enameled red, white, and blue, to resemble an American flag.

Context: Directly following the September 11 terrorist attacks, manufacturers and retailers introduced new goods to meet the public demand for patriotic and commemorative jewelry. American flags, stars, and hearts were extremely popular. Many companies donated a portion of the sales to victims’ funds in order to help and to alleviate fears that they might be capitalizing on the suffering of others. Judith Jack donated ten percent of the sale of patriotic pins to the September 11th Fund.

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Advertisement for Judith Jack pin
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Advertisement for patriotic pins
Nordstrom’s spring catalog for 2002 carried advertisements for patriotic pins. Transcript: celebrate your style, your spirit Nadri Austrian crystal pendant necklaces. Star, flag or heart; $36 each. Fashion Jewelry. Swarovski Crystal jewelry. [...]
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"It was fall, people were wearing coats, so anybody could wear a tie tack..."
Shelly Foote
Assistant Chair, Division of Social History


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