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Object Number: 115 9.11.01 silkscreen print
This silkscreen print by Andrea Arroyo depicts the Twin Towers in words
Object Number: 110 Americans Side by Side poster
This lithograph of the Twin Towers, printed in red and blue, was distributed to rescue and recovery workers in New York City
Object Number: 114 One Flag Iris print and offset lithograph
These two versions of a print by Neil Farkas depict a large flag draped across a department store
Object Number: 112 Rise Above poster
The design of this poster, titled Rise Above, evokes the composition of the American flag with solid sections of color: the Twin Towers in white rise into a field of blue framed by the red outline...
Object Number: 13 Soldiers magazine recovered from the Pentagon
This copy of Soldiers magazine, dated September 2001, was recovered from the wreckage of the Pentagon.
Object Number: 90 Airplane "black box" poster
This poster depicting parts of an airliner’s flight recorder was produced to help law enforcement officers locate the missing "black boxes.
Object Number: 28 Airplane fragment in patriotic box
Penny Elgas built a patriotic box to preserve this piece of American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.
Object Number: 45 Airplane fragments
These seven airplane fragments were recovered from the World Trade Center debris pile
Object Number: 58 American flag recovered from the World Trade Center
This badly damaged American flag was found by a recovery worker in the World Trade Center debris at the Staten Island recovery site.
Object Number: 53 Apron from Nino's Restaurant
This apron is covered with uniform patches from grateful patrons of Nino's restaurant, a relief center for World Trade Center recovery workers.

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