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9.11.01 silkscreen print
This silkscreen print by Andrea Arroyo depicts the Twin Towers in words
Americans Side by Side poster
This lithograph of the Twin Towers, printed in red and blue, was distributed to rescue and recovery workers in New York City
One Flag Iris print and offset lithograph
These two versions of a print by Neil Farkas depict a large flag draped across a department store
Rise Above poster
The design of this poster, titled Rise Above, evokes the composition of the American flag with solid sections of color: the Twin Towers in white rise into a field of blue framed by the red outline...
Soldiers magazine recovered from the Pentagon
This copy of Soldiers magazine, dated September 2001, was recovered from the wreckage of the Pentagon.
Airplane "black box" poster
This poster depicting parts of an airliner’s flight recorder was produced to help law enforcement officers locate the missing "black boxes.
Airplane fragment in patriotic box
Penny Elgas built a patriotic box to preserve this piece of American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.
Airplane fragments
These seven airplane fragments were recovered from the World Trade Center debris pile
American flag recovered from the World Trade Center
This badly damaged American flag was found by a recovery worker in the World Trade Center debris at the Staten Island recovery site.
Apron from Nino's Restaurant
This apron is covered with uniform patches from grateful patrons of Nino's restaurant, a relief center for World Trade Center recovery workers.

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