Message from ice-cream shop owner
Below is the first email I sent to friends, family and to our
extended family at Ben & Jerry's Corporation on September 12, 2001.

From: Guy Mirabello

Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 8:23 PM

Subject: Thanks for the Concern - We are Okay

Importance: High

Thank you all for your concern, for all the phone calls and all the messages that we have received directly or indirectly. It was business as usual on Tuesday when employees reported to work as early as 5:30AM but then fled from the building hours later after the first plane crashed into the WTC. There were many hours of waiting and worrying before we were all able to communicate and realize that everybody from our staff was okay! Too bad this was not the case for everybody involved in this tragedy. We are all okay right now, but I believe we haven't even began to really understand or accept what has happened. We just hope others are okay. After all these years, we all know many of our customers who worked in the WTC personally. For the last seven years about a dozen NYC firefighters have helped us raise many thousands of dollars on Free Cone Day by volunteering to scoop ice cream. They come back every year and make our franchise different from the rest. I ask you now to pray for these individuals, as well as, their families. Tonight I got in contact with Captain Dan Daly's girlfriend who told me that he was down at the scene and will be for days with all the other NYC firefighters. She also informed me that the firefighter who dresses in the Ben & Jerry's cow costume every year for us (he's done it for us every year since the beginning) in order to entertain the children (as well as the adults) has died in this tragedy. I don't even think we understand how close to home this tragedy is to us all. Sam Benejan has also learned that five Port Authority employees that we see every day have not been accounted for as of yet. They are security and admistrative workers that are known by our whole staff and often went out of their way to do us special favors. These are friends that Sam, the employees, and myself have spoken to as recent as Tuesday morning. They always enjoyed drinking their coffee at our kiosk instead of just taking it back to their offices. They always were interested in what was going on in our lives and always treated us to a smile. I ask that you pray for these people also.

I will be meeting the staff for lunch on Friday and will convey your
Thank you, Guy