Statement from Hilary North
I’m Lisa Lefler’s friend that has the WTC flashlight. I was part of Aon’s fire safety team on the 103rd floor for about six months. My responsibility was to search the Ladies’ Rooms and Conference Rooms in the event of a fire and/or fire drill. Each member of the team got a red hat, whistle on a red cord and a red flashlight. The flashlight has WTC Fire Safety printed on it in white letters. It is about 6” long or so. I left the fire safety team when I got promoted but no one asked for the flashlight back so I took it home with me. It was not used on 9/11. If you are interested I can send you a picture next week.

Mayra Valdes-Rodriguez was a member of the Fire Safety Team for the 103rd Floor and she took the job very seriously. She was a warm, generous coworker and a caring friend.

I suspect that Lisa has not told you that several coworkers give her credit for saving their lives. Just thought you’d like to know about that.

The reason that I was not on the 103rd floor that morning was because I voted before work and it made me late. Don’t believe it if someone tells you that voting doesn’t make a difference.

Best regards,