Shelly Foote
Assistant Chair, Division of Social History

"And then I started noticing the safety pin jewelry."
Then I started noticing the safety pin jewelry. It was around the Museum a lot, and that's because one of the staff members does beading and she started immediately because she had a large supply of beads, of making these, and selling them and giving the money to charity, related to the victims of 9/11 in New York.

And then I started noticing other examples of this and I thought, you know, we should have more than one example of safety pin jewelry. So I got a local one, and then fortunately somebody I know was working in Florida, and in their office there was a woman who was working with a children's group, and their project was to make these safety pin patriotic flags. So they made them, she brought them into the office and distributed them.

So we have a history of two different areas, same kind of thing. They look quite different but they're still the same concept.