Michelle Delaney
Collections Manager, Photographic History Collection

"...why did the individual feel it was important to photograph?"
Individual photographer's stories are very important alongside of the images that they produced. I think that I want to build a comprehensive collection - not a huge collection, but one of probably about 2000 images - that represents the three sites: New York--Ground Zero; Pentagon--Washington, DC; and Shanksville, and all the memorials that erupted around Shanksville. I think it is important to document that.

I think it's important to follow up with coverage of the war on terrorism, following up with photographers that covered the sites and also went to Afghanistan or the Middle East.

So I'm trying as best I can to collect professional and amateur photography, film and digital photography, different processes, panoramic photography especially at Ground Zero, there's a daguerreotype out there that I know was produced of the Twin Towers… thinking about different processes.

The wide-ranging availability of photography for everyone on that day, and the significance of photography. Why people left their homes with their cameras in hand to document--why did the individual feel it was important to photograph?