Jennifer Locke Jones
Collections Specialist, Armed Forces History

"We walked into this room which was essentially a warehouse of material..."
We walked into this room, which was essentially a warehouse of material that was bagged in red biohazard material bags that had inventory tags on the outside. We brought protective gloves, we brought masks, and we were told from the beginning, "You're going to need to come out, you're going need to spend maybe half an hour tops in there at one time."

What we decided was that we were going to look on the outside of each bag because we didn't want to open each biohazard bag because we didn't know what we were going to encounter. So we each took a shelf and we went through. We looked at the tags. We determined whether or not there was material that we were interested in opening the bag from. And we went through very judiciously.

We all decided that we were going to stay away from clothing. Anything that had an individual's name on it we left, we didn't even bother to look in the bag--we didn't look at the contents. And we only looked at what was unknown material.