William Yeingst
September 11 Collecting Curator
Museum Specialist, Division of Social History

". . .we spent many many hours networking with individuals in various agencies to complete our job."
This has involved working with organizations that aren't used to being open and sharing information with museums. Our inquiries were really met with unprecedented cooperation by our colleagues in these other agencies.

A lot of it comes down to really networking and building trust, having patience. Making repeated phone calls to individuals until you find someone that is sympathetic but also has the authority to work with us to release materials. Friends that you haven't talked to perhaps in months or years will call up and say "By the way do you know that I have a friend that works at the Pentagon?" So that leads to a contact. After five or ten phone calls it usually will get you in contact with the person that has a compelling story or objects that will help us in documenting the events of September 11.

Itís a lot about networking, so we spent many, many hours networking with individuals in these various agencies to complete our job.