David Shayt
September 11 Collecting Curator
Museum Specialist, Division of Cultural History

"I see our collections like a tree or like a big bush"
I see our collections kind of like a tree or a big bush. We have built the trunk and the main branches, and as time goes on new buds and little branches will leaf out and continue to emerge. And by that I mean new acquisitions, new projects, new uses of the collection.

What we've built is a core collection that can be used in five or six or eight different ways, through exhibits, through Web broadcasts, through loans to other museums, through lectures with slides or PowerPoint’s, through various other means, in ways we can't even think about, fifty, eighty, a hundred years from now, for the centennial of 9/11, in 2101. We will have the tools, the roots and branches, for them to build upon.