William Yeingst
September 11 Collecting Curator
Museum Specialist, Division of Social History

"What began as just a small name tag led us to this incredible rescue story..."
I began to seek the stories of rescuers and people that were trapped at the Pentagon, and was fortunate to come in contact with three individuals who had a few objects that survived from the Pentagon. What began as just a small nametag that belonged to a man named David Tarantino, led us to this incredible rescue story of a man named Jerry Henson, who worked at the Navy Command Center.

Jerry was trapped by fallen debris, and Dave Tarantino and another gentleman named Dave Thomas entered the burning offices where Jerry was trapped and helped rescue him from the fallen debris. Once they were outside Dave Thomas reached over and tore off the nametag of Dave Tarantino, showed it to Jerry Henson and said, "This is a name we’ll always want to remember."

The point is these individuals didn't know each other prior to September 11. This tragedy brought them together and it's a wonderful example of how these ordinary people put under extraordinary circumstances helped shape American History.