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"As far as contributing, I'd like to feel as if I've helped some kid out along the way. Whether it's to learn a new trick or inspire them in some way . . . to help people and get them stoked on the sport."

— Tim Brauch

Santa Cruz skateboard used by Brauch in the 1998 Vans Triple Crown Championship
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— Gift of Frank, Joan, and Kristy Brauch

Tim Brauch
Skate Board Champion

Tim Brauch rode his childhood obsession to a champion's life. Inspired by his father, who was among the first wave of skaters, Brauch loved to win. The young Californian became a skateboarder of world-renown, skating for the World Cup and other international tours. He developed a reputation for speed, agility, and dedication to his sport. Brauch's independent spirit and affable personality earned him the devotion of the skating community.

Skateboarding grew out of roller-skating in California and was influenced by surfing. The first board went on sale in 1959, and the first contest was held in 1963. Thirty-five years later, at the Vans Triple Crown Skateboarding Championship in Huntington Beach, California, Brauch's exhilarating performance took his sport to a new level.

Since his sudden death from a heart attack at age 25, Brauch has been honored with websites, skateboard parks, and championships in his name.

Name: Timothy M. Brauch
Born: Santa Clara, California, 1974–1999
  • Winner of Vans Triple Crown Street Competition, 1998
  • Sponsored at age 15, Sessions Skateboard Shop
  • Designer of skateboards and skaters' clothing, founded Este Clothing

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