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"Once you have set a standard and a goal in life, you must constantly strive to achieve and surpass it."

— Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw's Steelers uniform worn in Super Bowl XIV, 1980
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— Gift of Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team

Terry Bradshaw
Record-Breaking Quarterback in Four Super Bowls

Terry Bradshaw quarterbacked his way into the record books by setting the career Super Bowl mark at nine touchdown tosses and 932 yards passing.

Bradshaw propelled the Pittsburgh Steelers from last place in 1969 to the team's first Central Division Championship in 1972. He led the team to four Super Bowl wins in 1974, 1975, 1979, and 1980.

At Super Bowl XIV in 1980, the Steelers met the Los Angeles Rams at the Rose Bowl for what experts predicted would be an easy Steelers victory. Instead, the Rams fought hard. Three times the Rams pulled ahead of the Steelers. In the fourth quarter, Bradshaw unleashed a 73-yard touchdown pass for a 31-19 victory.

After injuries hastened his retirement in 1983, Bradshaw became a television sports commentator, pre-game host, and popular pitchman.

Name: Terry Paxton Bradshaw
Born: Shreveport, Louisiana, 1948–
  • Most Super Bowl touchdown passes (9) and passing yards (932)
  • Completed 2,025 passes and threw for 27,989 yards during his career
  • Super Bowl MVP, 1974, 1975
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, 1989
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