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Catalogue number:

"Fauth & Co. Washn D.C."

height 20 inches; horizontal circle 8 inches diameter; vertical circle 6.5 inches diameter; telescope 14 inches long; striding level 8 inches long


This seems to be a smaller and somewhat simpler version of the Altitude-Azimuth instrument that Fauth & Co. showed at the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 and featured in many of their publications. It was made between 1874 when Fauth began in business, and 1887 when Saegmuller began putting serial numbers on Fauth instruments. It belonged to the School of Mines, the program in modern science and engineering established by Columbia College (now University) in 1864. The horizontal and vertical circles are silvered, graduated to 10 minutes of arc, and read by micrometer microscopes to single minutes. An advertisement for this particular instrument has not been found. A similar instrument--with 10 inch horizontal circle read by 3 microscopes, and 18 inch telescope--cost $850.

Ref: Fauth & Co., Catalogue of Astronomical and Surveying Instruments (Washington, D.C., 1877), pp. 24-26.

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