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Wye Level

Catalogue number:

"A. S. Aloe Co. St. Louis 90607" and "PAT. 7-24-1917"

telescope 12.5 inches long; horizontal circle 3.5 inches diameter


This "Convertible Level" is based on the patent (#1,234,520) for a combined level and transit granted on July 24, 1917 to Adolph Wissler (1866-1926), the St. Louis instrument maker who made many of the surveying instruments sold by Aloe. With the telescope in its standard position, it is a standard architect's level. With the telescope turned 90 degrees, it can be used to take vertical sights. The small horizontal circle is graduated to degrees, and read by vernier to 5 minutes. The level is provided with a metal trivet for setting up the instrument in places where the use of a tripod is difficult. New, the level cost $75.

Ref: A. S. Aloe Co., Instruments and Supplies for Civil Engineers, Architects, Surveyors (St. Louis, about 1919).

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