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EDM (Tellurometer CA 1000)

Catalogue number:

"Tellurometer CA 1000 Plessey"

9.5 inches high, 25.5 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep overall


Like the original Tellurometer Micro-Distancer, the CA1000 is a microwave EDM. Advertised as early as March 1972, the CA 1000 was said to be "the smallest, lightest, most flexible and widest performance EDM equipment yet produced." It was also said to have been "designed by surveyors for surveyors," and "designed for the American surveyor." It cost $4,000, and had a range of 150 feet to 25 miles. Each of the two units weighed 4 kg., including rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries sufficient for 5 hours' operation. In this example, one unit is marked "master--serial no. 1322." The other is marked "remote--serial no. 1321." Both units have a tag marked "PROPERTY OF MICHAEL BAKER JR., INC. CONSULTING ENGINEERS ROCHESTER, PA. JACKSON, MISS." Tellurometer became a part of the Plessy Group, a large British electronics firm, around 1967.

Ref: Tellurometer-USA, Model CA1000 Operator's Manual.

Advertisement in Surveying & Mapping (March 1972).

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