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Geodetic Transit

Catalogue number:

"Fauth & Co. Washn D.C."

telescope 2.5 inches aperture, 28 inches long


This instrument, which belonged to Columbia University, was made after 1874 when Fauth & Co. began in business, and before 1887 when Saegmuller began putting serial numbers on Fauth instruments. Fauth termed it a "Combined Transit and Zenith Instrument, as devised by Prof. G. Davidson, U. S. C. S." The frame consists of two parts--the upper one, with the uprights, can revolve upon the lower. New, it cost $990. This example differs from the instrument shown in the Fauth Catalogue in that here the small vertical circles are placed at one end of the horizontal axis.

Ref: Fauth & Co., Catalogue of Astronomical and Surveying Instruments (Washington, D.C., 1877), pp. 20-21.

George Davidson, "Description of the Davidson Meridian Instrument," United States Cost and Geodetic Survey Annual Report (1879), Appendix No. 7.

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Geodetic Transit