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Heliotrope (Steinheil)

Catalogue number:

"FAUTH & CO. WASHN D.C. 2493" and "238" and "C.&G.S. NO. 418"


Fauth advertised this instrument in 1883, describing it as "Pocket Heliotrope, Steinheils, a beautiful instrument that requires no adjustment." The reference is to the German physicist, Karl August Steinheil, who introduced an instrument of this sort in 1844. This heliotrope belonged to the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. New, with case, it cost $20. G. N. Saegmuller began putting serial numbers on Fauth instruments in 1887, and moved to Rochester in 1905.

Ref: Fauth, Catalogue of Astronomical and Surveying Instruments (Washington, D.C., 1883), p. 53.

K. A. Steinheil, "Das Heliotrop," in H. C. Schumacher, ed., Jahrbuch für 1844, pp. 12-17.

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