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About the Collection

In 1992, curator Marvette Pérez contacted Puerto Rican collector Teodoro Vidal Santoni after learning that he was interested in donating his extensive collection of Puerto Rican material culture. In 1997, after several visits and conversations over the course of five years, Mr. Vidal agreed to donate his entire collection to the National Museum of American History. This became one of the largest gifts by an individual to the Museum. One of the most important collections of Puerto Rican material culture in the world, it consists of more than 3,200 objects which date from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Teodoro Vidal and a Fishing Net Maker

Teodoro Vidal and a Fishing Net Maker

This Web site is based on "A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico," an exhibition that was on view at the National Museum of American History in the 1990's. The purpose of that exhibition, and this Web site, is to look at the history of Puerto Rico through the eyes of a collector who captured the island's history with the wonderful objects that he collected.



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