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Scott, Emmett Jay, 1873-1957


Born in Houston, Texas, Emmett Scott attended Wiley University and Wilberforce University before dropping out of college to pursue a career in journalism. He became associate editor of the Texas Freeman in 1894 and soon after was promoted to editor. He was instrumental in the formation of the National Negro Business League in 1900. He served as secretary to Booker T. Washington from 1897 to 1915 and then as secretary/treasurer for Howard University from 1919 to 1933. He was also a member of the American Commission to Liberia (1909), the Y.M.C.A. National Council, and the National Republican Campaign Committee (1928). He served as secretary of the International Conference on the Negro in 1912 and as assistant publicity director for the Republican National Committee from 1939 to 1942. He was also a special assistant to the Secretary of War, focusing on matters related to colored troops.


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