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Abbie Against the Storm

by Marcia Vaughan

A fictionalized account of an incident in the life of a seventeen-year-old girl who tends her family's lighthouse during a fierce storm on the coast of Maine in the winter of 1856.  

  • Topics Women's History,
    19th-Century History
  • Age Group Late Elementary: 4-6
  • Book Type Fiction
  • Award
  • Publisher Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 1999, Hillsboro, OR
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Award Key

Caldecott Medal
Most distinguished American picture book for children (annually).
Newberry Medal
Most distinguished contribution to American literature for children (annually).
Coretta Scott King Award
Distinguished books by authors and illustrators of African descent which promote an understanding and appreciation of the American dream (annually).
Golden Kite Award
Outstanding examples of text, illustration, fiction and nonfiction (four awards annually).
Scott O'Dell Historical Fiction Award
Outstanding work of historical fiction published by a U.S. publisher set in the New World.


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