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Great Women of Our Pasts

Have you ever thought about the women who have shaped who you are today?

Have you thought about the sacrifices they made, the obstacles they overcame, or the memorable times in history they have lived through?

Author Betsy Hearne wanted to know more about the women in her family's past, so she researched her family for the book Seven Brave Women, which tells the story of her female ancestors dating back to the Revolutionary War.

You, too, can explore the women in your family or community who have had a direct impact on who you are today. By conducting what is known as a genealogical study, you can interview someone close to you and gain valuable insights into the people and events that make you who you are! Museum exhibits are one way historians display their research findings. You can display what you researched by constructing a family or community history museum.

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You can learn more about women's history in these books. Click on the book titles below for more information, or visit our complete bibliography.

Seven Brave Women book cover

Featured Book

Seven Brave Women

by Betsy Hearne

Seven Brave Women. Text copyright 1997 by Betsy Hearne. Illustration copyright by Bethanne Andersen. All rights reserved. Used by permission from Greenwillow Books.


  • Conduct a Genealogical Survey

    Conduct a Genealogical Study

    Hands-On Activity

    By interviewing a family member, friend, or neighbor, you can learn about the people and events that contribute to who you are today!

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  • Make a Quilt Squre

    Make a Quilt Square

    Play and Create

    Make a quilt square that represents a part of your family or community history!

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