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Image Identification Resources

The photographs and negatives in the Scurlock Photographic Studio Records are organized and identified in various ways and to varying degrees of detail. Some clearly identify who commissioned the picture, the event or group captured, as well as the day and year in which the image was created.

Connections can be made between negatives with Scurlock numbers and the studio job ledgers which tracked the commission, composition, and completion of more than 60,000 hired jobs. There also are forays into art photography, stock photographs, and candid snapshots taken by Addison and his sons.

Unfortunately there are thousands of images with little or no information. To the best of our abilities, we capture and identify these images by content and format. We assign descriptive titles and connect the image to a date or date range, if we can confidently identify one. It is our hope that the increased accessibility of the image via online access will lead to a greater knowledge of who, what, and why the Scurlocks were taking the photographs they did.

Do you recognize a place? a person? an event? Please let us know! Identify Scurlock Images by including the call number and title from the album page or SIRIS record in a comment to the Archives Center.


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