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Speech Research Laboratories

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ALL COUNTRIES - Early Laboratories           (earl)

  Center National d'Etudes des Telecom.      (cnet)
  Laboratoires d'Elect. et de Radioelect.    (ler)
  Laboratoire de la Communication Parlee     (lcp)

INDIA - Tata Inst. for Fundamental Research  (tata)

  Electrotechnical Laboratory                (etl)
  Hitachi, Ltd.                              (hita)
  Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research    (koba)
  Kyushu Institute of Design                 (kyus)
  Meiji University                           (meij)
  Nippon Electric Co.                        (nec)
  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.       (ntt)
  Radio Research Laboratories                (rrl)
  Tohoku University                          (toho)
  University of Tokyo                        (toky)

POLAND - Polish Academy of Sciences          (poli)

SPAIN - Ciudad University                    (spai)

SWEDEN - Royal Institute of Technology       (rit)

  Joint Speech Research Unit                 (jsru)
  Signals Res. and Dev. Establishment        (srde)
  University College London                  (ucol)
  University of Cambridge                    (camb)
  University of Edinburgh                    (edi)
  University of Keele                        (keel)

  Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories  (afcr)
  Bell Telephone Laboratories                (btl)
  Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.              (bbn)
  Computalker Consultants                    (com)
  Cornell University                         (corn)
  Digital Equipment Corporation              (dec)
  Eloquent Technology, Inc.                  (eloq)
  Haskins Laboratories                       (hask)
  Indiana University                         (indi)
  International Business Machines Corp.      (ibm)
  Kurzweil Computer Products, Inc.           (kurz)
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology      (mit)
  Melpar, Inc.                               (melp)
  National Security Agency                   (nsa)
  Naval Research Laboratory                  (nrl)
  Speech Communication Research Laboratory   (scrl)
  Telesensory Systems Inc./Speech Plus       (tsi)
  Texas Instruments                          (ti)
  University of California, Los Angeles      (ucla)
  University of Michigan                     (umic)
  Votrax International, Inc.                 (votr)

USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics   (ussr)
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