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The Scurlock Notables: Selected Studio Subjects and Images

Address book page D
43600 ½ Dodson, Atty. Thurman
(out of studio negatives)
44807 (portrait)
Drew, Dr. Charles
46241 Du Bois, Dr. W.E.B.
52981 Davidson, Eugene
49533 Duncan, Todd
54443 Cook, Dr. Mercer
52114 Dr. Drew “Blood Bank”
52114 Dr. Drew Freedman’s Staff
42150 Frederick Douglas
58813 Charles Duncan
61969 (copy) Gen’l. B.O. Davis Sr.
5695 ½ (copy) Gen’l. B.O. Davis Jr.
43372 (copy) Gen’l. B.O. Davis Sr.
49375 Col. B.O. Davis Jr.

Address Book Page: D


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