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The Scurlock Notables: Selected Studio Subjects and Images

Law Faculty Howard University  
58813 Charles Duncan
55700 Mr. Dosey Lane
52970 Mr. Howard Jenkins
54788 Charles
52970 N.B. Lenvin
52970 George Hayes
52970 James A. Washington
53000 Mercer Daniels
41744 James M. Naibrit
51323 A. Lindsey
43565 Lancaster, Mr. E.M.
56511 Dean Warner Lawson
54788 Law Faculty group neg.
234 ’51 E.H. Chisolm Bison
51840 Mrs. Arnette Lindsay N.U.
61405 (copy neg.) Rev. Theo S. Littleten
45400 Larry, Hawwd
54456 (at desk in office) Dr. Alain Locke
56430 (copy) Dr. Alain Locke
58361 Louis R. Lautier

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